Iranian Cuisine

Persian Foods

Chicken Kabab


Chicken- 1 KG(2.2Ibs)

Extra-virgin olive oil-1/2 cup

2 large onions-grated

4 medium tomatos

Saffron-1/2 teaspoon(optional)

Black pepper



Prepare marinade: mix olive oil, grayed onions, saffron, salt and black pepper. Wash and cut chicken into small pieces, then remove the skin. Marinate overnight(or at least for several hours, it really makes a difference) in refrigerator. The container should be covered.

Thread chicken on long, thin metal skewers. Thread leg and thigh pieces, wings and breast pieces separately, as breast requires slightly less cooking. Also thread whole tomatoes separately on another skewer. Brush with marinade. Barbeque for about 5-10 minutes on each side, turning frequently. Joojeh Kebab can also be prepared in the oven. Prepare chicken as before, pre-heat the grill to a high temperature, and [lace just under the grill, again turning frequently. Serve hot with basmati rice or on middle-eastern bread.


Iranian Food

Khoresht (Stew)

There are different stews cooked in Iran which are served with rice (or Polo). They are brought on the table in separate dishes and are usually eaten mixed. Here we propose some delicious stews :

Khoresht-e-Bademjan : Containing Egg-plants & pieces of lamb

Khoresht-e-Fesenjoon : Containing cooked chicken, volnuts and pamugranite paste
Khoresht-e-Gheimeh : Containing split pea, pieces of lamb, dried lemon and french fries

Khoresht-e-Ghorme-Sabzi : Containing a mixture of herbs, pieces of lamb, red beans and dried lemon

Polow (Rice) : Rice is served in different forms, some of them introduced below :

Polow : This is plain rice which is usually decorated with some saffron which gives it a nice yellow color on top.

Baghali Polow : This is rice cooked together with dill and lima beans. It is both served with chicken or lamb.

Zereshk Polow : Rice with sour/sweet seeds (rose berries) usually served with chicken and sometime contains pistachio and almond crisps.


Kebabs can be ordered alone or with rice. Rice and Kebab together are called Cholo-Kebab. Some kebabs are introduced here :
Kebab Barg : Grilled lamb fillet.

Kebab Koobideh : Grilled minced lamb.

Kebab Soltani : One Kebab Barg plus one Kebab Koobideh

Joojeh Kabab : Grilled Chiken : Ba-ostekhan (With bone) / Bi-ostekhan (bone-less)

Kebab Bakhtiari : Grilled Mixture of lamb and chicken

Shishlik : Grilled relatively big Pieces of lamb (a special part of sheep’s body); best quality can be found in Shandiz near Mashad

Mahi Kebab : Grilled fish (usually troat)

Vegeterian Foods

The following foods can be ordered by vegeterians :
Kookoo Sabzi : vegetable cookies
Falafel : Spiced
Kashk-e-Bademjan : Smashed egg-plants with Kashk (a diary product)


Water : Although tap water is drinkable in most cities, but it is advisable to use bottled water which is available in restaurants and super-markets.

Soft Drinks

Carbonated drinks like Colas, Orange an lemon drinks are available in different international and domestic brands. Fruit juices are also sold in fresh or packed format. There is a malta beverage which is called Ma-o-shaeer which is usually refered as aclohol free beer or Islamic beer!

Traditional Drinks

Ayran : Yogurt drink which is available in plain and carbonated forms.
There are also some other traditional drinks generally called “Sharbat” which are made by herb-waters like rose-water which are really refreshing in hot summers.