Farsi Language

Farsi/Persian Alphabet

Modern Persian is the official language of Iran. An ancient literary language, Persian was written in the Pahlavi script before the Arab conquest in the 7th century. A new form written in the Arabic script developed during the 9th and 10th centuries; this is the basis of the Modern Persian language used today. As recently as 1950 there were several distinct dialects of spoken Persian, but due to the spread of public education and broadcast media, a standard spoken form, with minor regional accents, has evolved. Important languages of minority groups that have their own publications and broadcast programs include Azeri (a Turkic language of the Altaic family), Kurdish, Arabic, and Armenian.

Farsi is written from right to left; Both words & numbers.
Its alphabet consists of 32 letters which some of them have a similar sound. Short vowels are not written in Farsi. Each alphabet letter has two forms : Capital & Small.

Farsi Language

English Farsi English Farsi


I man
No na You (singular, familiar) to
Thank you mot’sha’keram   /  merci You (singular, formal) shoma
Thank you very much khei’li mot-sha’keram He / She ou
Please lotfan It oon
Excuse me bebakh’shid We ma
Hello salam You (plural) shoma
Good bye khoda’hafez They ishan
See you be’omide’didar
Good morning sobh be’kheir What is Your name? esme shoma chist?
Good day rooz be’kheir My name is … . esme man … ast.
Good evening asr be’kheir Nice to meet you. khosh’vagh’tam.
Good night shab be’kheir How are you? hal’e shoma che’tor’e?
Good khoob
I don’t understand man ne’mi’fahmam Bad bad
I don’t know Farsi man farsi balad nis’tam
I know English man ingilisi mi’doo’nam Wife zan / khanoom
Do you speak English? Shoma ingilisi mi-doo’nid? Husband shohar
French faransavi spouse hamsar
Spanish espanioli son / boy pesar
German almani daughter / girl dokhtar
Japanese japoni mother madar
Turkish turki father pedar
friend doost
Why? chera? sister khahar
What? chi? brother baradar
Where? koja? Mr. / Man agha
When? kay? Mrs. / Ms. / Lady khanoom
How? chetor?
English Farsi English Farsi English Farsi
Zero (0) sefr one hundred (100) sad
One (1) yek Twenty (20) bist two hundreds (200) devist
Two (2) dow Thirty (30) see three hundrads (300) si-sad
Three (3) se Forty (40) chehel four hundreds (400) chahar-sad
Four (4) chahar Fifty (50) panjah five hundreds (500) pan-sad
Five (5) panj Sixty (60) shast six hundreds (600) shish-sad
Six (6) shesh Seventy (70) haftad seven hundreds (700) haft-sad
Seven (7) haft Eighty (80) hashtad eight hundreds (800) hasht-sad
Eight (8) hasht Ninety (90) navad nine hundreds (900) noh-sad
Nine (9) noh
Thousand (1000) hezar Million (1,000,000) Milion

Other Farsi numbers can be made using the above numbers in the same way that English numbers are made.

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