Parsian Azadi Hotel (Tehran)

Parsian Azadi Hotel (Tehran)

Parsian Azadi Hotel (Tehran) at a Glance

The first reconstructed hotel in wide spread by international well-known companies( Swiss, Italian, Chinese) after Islamic revolution of Iran. Having four executive floor and private lobby on 23th floor four VIP guests for the first time in Iran. One of the biggest hotels of Iran with 475 rooms and different kinds of banquet halls. The highest hotels building of Iran with 27 floor and the best view of Alborz mountains and Tehran. The biggest nature friendly hotel in the country with thrift in using energy. Using the most modern technologic accommodation. Irresistible in earthquake up to 8 Richter. The best hotel with suitable rooms for disabled people and most numbers of lifts among Iranian hotels. Equipped with the most advanced fire control with the exact address and phone alarm to save the guests in bathroom and rooms. Having interactive TV in all the rooms that shows the guest invoice for the first time in Iran. Selected personnel with academic related education.


Address: Chamran Hwy, Tehran 1997673764, Iran

Guest Room Rates:

90 €
120 €
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